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STAR Add Ons

STR offers a full array of Add Ons to further enhance your dSTAR Report. By looking at your data in a different way, you will be able to draw a more complete picture of how you are performing against your competitive set. 


  • Available for data providers with STAR subscription
  • Additional Competitive Set: Works just like your first competitive set. Choose a group of four or more hotels to analyze even more of your competition. Available for Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly STAR participants. 
  • Segmentation:  Details the impact of transient, group and contract guests for your property as well as your competitive set. It also breaks down your revenues into room revenue, food and beverage revenue, and other sources. Segmentation can be added to your Monthly and/or Weekly dSTAR reports.
  • Bandwidth: Understand the breadth in performance of your nightly comp set, your position in it and the potential of it. Your hotel’s daily performance is overlaid onto the full range of your competitive set’s performance. Segmentation Bandwidth is also available.
  • RPM: Understand your exact RevPAR Positioning among each hotel in your competitive set in this Matrix of occupancy and ADR Indexes. Gives you an instant visual display of RevPAR ranking relative to ADR and occupancy, and shows you monthly changes so you can see whose campaigns are working and whose are not. 
  • Pulse:  Track your performance and identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement, view your monthly data in one concise dashboard, and compare year-over-year performance. The Pulse Report uses new metrics that look at more than just your RevPAR index
  • F&B STAR: Benchmark your hotel's F&B operations against your chosen competitive set with KPI's related to Catering & Banquets, F&B Venues, and In-room Dining.