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SHARE Center

Professors and students can obtain different types of hotel-related data.  All data is provided in Excel format to make it easy to work with.  Large volumes of information are available, including:

  • Performance (occupancy and ADR) data
  • Profit and Loss (accounting) data
  • Pipeline (under construction) and Supply data
  • Census (hotel attribute) data
  • Forecast information
  • Property and Room counts
  • Sales transaction data
  • Hotel company statistics
  • Industry reference information

The SHARE Center provides additional resources to universities including:

  • User-defined destination reports (tracking ongoing performance)
  • A comprehensive set of sample reports
  • A wide range of global Industry publications
  • Access to articles and presentations

Professors have access to a library of training programs available that professors may use.  The training programs include hints, case scenarios, discussion questions, and application exercises.  Here are some sample titles:

  • Hotel Industry Analytical Foundations
  • Hotel Math Fundamentals
  • Property Level Benchmarking
  • Hotel Industry Performance Reports

The SHARE Center provides additional support to universities such as:

  • Help with student projects, a step-by-step approach so that students can obtain hands-on experience working with live industry data
  • Research collaboration assistance, including assistance correlating third party data with STR performance data
  • Speaker support
  • Newsletters, webinars, and educator forums

Complimentary memberships are available for schools to obtain an introduction to all of the materials that are available.  Contact us at or +1 615 824 8664 ext. 3329.