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Corporate Reports

Our Corporate Reports are only available to data providers and allow corporate and regional offices to accurately assess the individual performances of hotels in their portfolio against their selected competitors and industry segments. Reports can be customized to segment your portfolio by brand, cluster and region. Tracking monthly or daily occupancy, ADR and RevPAR, the Corporate Report enables you to identify stronger or weaker performing properties and plan your strategy accordingly. Additionally, supply, demand and revenue data is also available on the online report. 


  • Only available to data providers 
  • Annual subscription
  • Eliminates time spent ‘pulling’ each report separately 
  • Customizable report formats
  • Easily identify hotels that are underperforming or performing well 
  • Analysis segmented by brand or region 
  • Data easily integrated into internal reporting documents and processes 
  • Vital for budgeting, sales and marketing strategies

Corporate Reports are delivered in Excel format directly to your inbox.  Custom data files available on request for longer time series and larger portfolios.