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Comp Set Suite

There are five innovative services which make up the Comp Set Suite by STR Analytics. The Suite can be seen as separate “options” as well as “steps”. Regardless of which option you choose, consulting is always an add-on option. Let STR Analytics perform a comp set analysis to ensure you have chosen the right one. Below is a list of the services that make up the Comp Set Suite.


  • Available for data providers with STAR subscription
  • One-time deliverable or ongoing customized analysis
  • Comp Set Grade: Understand the relativity between you and your primary comp set as well as the relativity between your comp set and analogous comp sets
  • Property Pool: Receive a data-produced list of hotels that are equally as, or potentially more competitive than the hotels currently in your primary comp set
  • Improved Comp Set: Using the initial Property Pool, STR Analytics will toggle different properties in and out of the mix to find your hotel’s optimal grade, based on historic performance data
  • Consulting: Let our team of experts assist you in the comp set process. Our highly trained hotel consultants combine their years of experience with STR’s database to help you determine your real competitors