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Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics - Academic

The HIFIA is targeted at two-year schools, vocational institutions and colleges in developing areas of the world.  A thorough introduction to the math required by a hotel or tourism industry professional, the reports used in the hotel and tourism industry and to the analytic skills used by industry professionals. The HIFIA helps student understand that the math required by a hotel or tourism industry professional is not “rocket science”. The HIFIA also helps students appreciate that the hotel and tourism industry relies heavily upon data and the ability to analyze that data.A abridged version of the CHIA, the HIFIA consists of 5 sections whereas the CHIA consists of 16 sections. The duration of the training is also shorter, requiring less than half of the time of the CHIA.  Although the HIFIA has less of an emphasis on math, reports and analyzing data, it still builds a solid foundation on Hotel Industry Basics.

The certificate program is based upon five content areas:

  1. The Players in the Hotel Industry – various affiliations
  2. Categorization Used by the Hotel Industry – various ways hotels are defined and categorized, both geographically and non-geographically
  3. Introduction to Benchmarking – ways the hotel and tourism industry compare performance to competitors
  4. Intro to Hotel Math – an introduction to key performance indicators, formulas, and math-related terms
  5. Intro to Industry Reports – an introduction to reports that are used to measure performance of hotels and markets

Training Details

HIFIA training includes case scenarios, hints, sample reports, industry “tricks of the trade,” analysis examples, quizzes and discussion questions. Application exercises are also included where participants gain hands-on experience working with hotel data. Schools are provided with a comprehensive training program, sample data and supporting materials to make it easy to present the training to their own students. Schools are presenting the HIFIA certification training to students in workshops as well as in courses such as lodging operations, accounting and capstone classes.

Examination Details

The exam is administered by the AHLEI. There are 30 questions on the exam and a minimum score of 70% must be obtained. Retakes are available. The cost of the certification for students is $60 USD. Need-based scholarships are available.  Qualifying students receive a certificate. Their names and schools are listed on the AHLEI website and they can include the HIFIA accomplishment on their resume/CV. 


Free Train-the-Trainer (TTT) sessions are conducted all over the world on a regular basis.The TTT sessions present the HIFIA and/or CHIA content and prepare instructors to be able to present the training at their own schools. We show how you can personalize the training related to your own country or city or any area of the world that you are interested in studying. Instructors can take an online exam after the TTT session to receive a certificate themselves.

For more information, contact us at or +1 615 824 8664 ext. 3329.

Since 2012, nearly 3000 students and professors have received the HIFIA and CHIA certifications. Over 800 professors from 300 universities have attended over 30 Train-the-Trainer sessions. We regularly receive great testimonials from graduates regarding the value of the CHIA during their interviews and when they start their hospitality careers.

The HIFIA is offered globally through a joint effort between the AHLEI (American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute) and STR/STR Global.